Ali Qapu mansion

The  Ali Qapu mansion is the name of a glorious construction which is known as one of the most important architectural masterpieces  of the early 11th Century A.H. according to historical sources, this building  had been playing the role of central gate and the entrance for all palaces of the Safavid era in the region of Imam square and it had been relating this square to the Government House and constructions such as stables, the cloak house, Timurid hall, stalls hall, the covered hall and the Chehel Sotoun palace and the other constructions.

The base of the building was constructed by the time of Shah Abbas the 1st and some changes were made in next periods. Despite the damages which were occurred to this building during the history, but still masterpieces such as  the decoration and Safavid paintings and the special decoration of each of the 5 floors of this construction are touchable and makes people to speak in praise of it.

The name of this construction is formed with the words “Aali” & “Qapu” which these together means the lofty gate.